My Covenant Marriage

We are so happy that you are willing to honor the “covenant” you made on your wedding day between you, your spouse, and God. You will be blessed! What all of us at MyCovenantMarriage want to do for you is support, encourage, and enrich your marriage with wise, practical, Biblical advice AND give you a FREE, safe wedding ring! #mycovenantmarriage @mycovenantmarriage

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The ring with the logo is a token to help raise awareness to others of Christ-centered marriages, and a reminder to ourselves of the covenant we made with God and our spouse. MyCovenantMarriage is our efforts to put God back in the center of our marriages where He belongs. Even the first marriage was not Adam and Eve, but Adam and Eve and God. With Christ at the center of our marriages, He will change our hearts and minds, and help us serve our spouse by meeting their needs. With Christ at the center, there WILL be more Kisses and Hugs.

This Week’s Marriage Encouragement and Enrichment

Do you want to WIN at marriage?

Try your VERY HARDEST to get 2nd place.


 Philippians 2:3 "...but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves."




Last year there was a divorce filed every 13 seconds… let’s do our part to put another tick on the clock! Please share us with your friends, family members, and social media friends so they can be blessed too.

Below are buttons for you to get your FREE Covenant Marriage Ring, and, if you would like to bless others by helping us provide free rings for all, you have that opportunity as well.


I love my covenant ring for so many different reasons. Number one for what it represents one man, one woman joined with Christ for an everlasting life. The other reasons, comfortable fit, you can wear at the gym, any medical field careers that require gloves and especially saves the life span of my diamond wedding band! I encourage you to check them out for yourself, guaranteed you will not be disappointed!

I love my ring and what it stands for. I get so many compliments on it. Very durable!

A fantastic product with an even better message. My ring is comfortable, sleek and helps to consistently reaffirm the covenant promise of my marriage.

Our rings remind my husband and I to focus on Gods love and help keep Him as the center of our marriage.

I love this ministry and the renewed perspective of marriage my husband and I have. The rings are such a beautiful symbol of what marriage is. Thanks mycovenant marriage!

Covenant marriage is a showcase of the glory of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the ring is its powerful symbol of unending self-donating love. What has done is taken this timeless symbol and made it stylish and comfortable in all situations. Wear it with humble-confidence while never needing to take it off.

I absolutely love this ring and what it stands for! Not only is the ring comfortable, I love that it sparks a conversation about true, gospel-centered marriages.

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