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We are so happy that you are willing to honor the “covenant” you made on your wedding day between you, your spouse, and God. You will be blessed! What all of us at MyCovenantMarriage want to do for you is support, encourage, and enrich your marriage with wise, practical, Biblical advice AND give you a FREE, safe wedding ring! #mycovenantmarriage @mycovenantmarriage

Wedded Bliss 101

It’s rather crazy when you think about how little training and coaching we receive about marriage prior to our wedding.  We get nine years of primary education to learn basic things, then four years of high school to learn advanced things, then four to six years of college to specialize our studies into an area of focus, then even graduate school to master a skill or area.  Education for happy and healthy marriages?  Nothing.  No formal education.  Often, no education at all.  No wonder half of all marriages end in divorce, and a large percentage of those still married are somewhat unhappy.  Crazy, how we take sewing and calculus classes and go the rest of our lives perhaps never needing or using those skills we learned, yet marriages are started with a “below pre-school” level education.

It seems almost all of our marriage education comes from merely observing our parents’, friends’, and other relatives’ marriages, and seeing marriages and behaviors on television and in movies.  If marriage is so important to the fabric of society…raising kids, having happy families, building character and character traits in our sons and daughters so they grow up to be excellent men and women…why is there no formal education or training?

Well, there is, but a lot of people have ignored it.  The Bible actually gives us all we need to know to have successful, happy marriages and healthy family relationships.  The Bible is chock-full of advice in general and specific topics regarding marriage.  It teaches us everything from finances, communication, and intimacy to selflessness, raising children, and even actual secrets to marital happiness and longevity.  Consider your “college.” We will try to keep it very brief, clear, and practical.  Join us weekly, read our emails, and follow us on Instagram @MyCovenantMarriage as we navigate through our textbook, the Bible, in your first “marriage course,” Wedded Bliss 101.

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